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I'm kelli

I'm a southern girl, wife to Tyler, mom to Emery Noelle and to the cutest Great Dane named Bo. If you meet me, you'll learn quickly that I am a hugger. I love to talk and get to know others, and I occasionally snort when I laugh. When I'm not photographing special moments, you'll find me traveling, reading or snuggling Bo. 

For over 9 years I've had the honor of serving and documenting over 150 love stories through both digital and film photography. I've been a creative since a young age, always drawn to the arts and to romance. More importantly, as I've grown my heart for serving others has deepened and I strive to use my heart to serve within my business. 

I strive to create images that show real and genuine emotion. I want my work to display timeless images that my couple's can look back on and relive their best days. Most importantly, I value investing in getting to know my couples so we can form a lasting connection and leave you feeling like you've gained a friend in addition to a photographer. 

Where rolling hills, horses, Jesus & family are the sugar to our lemonade.”

I was born and raised in Eastern, Kentucky surrounded by my large family. My parents owned a farm, so on Sunday afternoons you could find me exploring the property and gaining inspiration from the way the sun was filtered by the old trees or the way the animals roamed in the pastures. This was my foundation for where my spark and love for photography began; being surrounded by this earth's beauty. 

My love for photography has taken me all over the United States, from NYC to Napa Valley to Hawaii. It's taken me across the world from New Zealand, Greece and to Paris. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this passion of mine would let me explore this amazing world. No matter where I travel though, my heart will always remain in the south. 

"I can't say enough great things about Kelli! She is one of the most talented and kind people that my husband and I have ever met."


Rachel & Jesse
Kentucky wedding

Snuggled on the couch with my pup and husband.

Some of my favorite days off include lazy days with my two boys! Whether we are just snuggling and talking, or watching our current favorite show, I live for slow days off! 


On a day off, you can find me...

Hiking and exploring this amazing world. 

Hiking has become one our favorite past times! We love exploring new areas and trails and really enjoying all the beauty of nature! So far we have hiked all over Kentucky & TN, we've visited multiple National Parks, including Yosemite, Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Arches! We've even went as far as Iceland and Ireland and experienced views that literal made me tear up from their beauty!


Eating Justin's Organic Peanut Butter Cups

If you follow along with me on Instagram, you may already know my deep love for Justin's Organic PB Cups! If you haven't tried these, do yourself a favor and go to your nearest store now! They are SO good and once you try one, you'll never view a Reese Cup the same again! 


Having a dance party in my living room. 

One way I destress is to dance! I grew up dancing in musical theatre and truly love it. Its my favorite way to celebrate happy times, but to also shake off all the stress and negative energy life sometimes throws our way!


Reading All Kinds of  Books.

There is nothing like holding a book in my hands and transporting to another world with every turn of the page. My current favorite books are anything by Kristy Greenwood! Her rom-coms are hilarious! I also love mysteries, thrillers, children books and any kind of business or motivational books. I purchase a children's book whenever I travel to a new place and cannot wait to read them to my daughter as she grows.




it all began with a kiss. 

I grew up with a strong sense of love. My parents got married at 19 years old and almost 44 years later, their love is stronger than ever. My grandmother who will be 97 years old this year, still wears her wedding rings even though my grandfather passed away almost 30 years ago. I have seen how much work marriage can take, but how it is SO worth it. 

In my short 5 years of marriage, I have learned what it means to love selflessly. I have gone through some of the greatest moments and experienced life altering sorrow. Through all of the highs and lows, I have been continually reminded that at the end of the day, what matters the most is my marriage.

When I picked up a camera 10 years ago, I had no idea the impact it would make on my life. I have the honor to document other’s love stories and life moments; I have the joy of capturing these moments so you can have them to look back on for years to come. I am a historian who gets to document your story and I strive to do so in a way that when your grand-children sit down to look at your wedding photos, they will be able to look at them and say, "Wow, my grandparents were genuinely in love!" But, more importantly I want your grandchildren to be able to see your photos and say, "My grandparents STILL love like that." 

Above everything else, the most important investment is in your marriage. Because of that, I approach my business in a way where I can provide you with an enjoyable experience that will enable you to invest in your relationship in addition to your photographs. 

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