In 2019, I will be offering several One-Day Intensive Workshops. These workshops will focus on one area of business from film photography, to styling, posing, & general business coaching. 

Each intensive will allow you to hone in on specific areas of your business. They are set up to dive deep into the topic being discussed so you can leave with a solid foundation that will enable you to continue taking steps of improvement and growth. 

Are you a photographer? Do you have a deep desire to learn and grow in your craft & business? If so, WELCOME! You belong here!

I see you. The photographer that is working their tail off to reach their goals. I see you and I know you, because I am you. 

In the beginning of my business, I wanted to soak in all of the information that I could get, & honestly, I still love learning and growing in my art. 

Educating yourself and striving to grow in whatever you do is so important. You deserve to invest in your business.  

   You deserve to invest in YOU!

One day film photography intensive

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I offer online & in-person mentorships. These range from 1-3 hours for online mentorships & 5-8 hours for in-person mentorships. These can be customized to focus on specific areas in your business that you want to grow in. 

Date: April 30th
Where: Warrenwood Manor outside of Lexington, Kentucky
Time: 11am-5pm
Cost: Early bird pricing of $495 before March 15th. After March 15th, the price increases to $595. 

Online mentoring begins at $200
In-Person mentoring begins at $450.

My Top 3 Tips Every Film newbie must know!

5 years ago, I found myself in a rut within my photography business. Between a mixture of being burnt out and uninspired, I decided I needed to do something to spark my creativity again. Here enters film. In this guide I'll walk you through how you can begin your own film journey and gain back time and joy in your photography work again!

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